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Below you can view a list of bikes that we believe represent a great opportunity to either 'Buy To Sell' or to keep as a long-term investment and are available to us in Italy, we have included basic information relating to purchase prices, general condition and estimated UK values.

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Benelli 354

1983 Benelli 354 Totally Original and in stunning condition complete with all original documentation This

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Motoveloce Import Club
What is it & Why?

A low risk tax free alternative investment

 For the past 20 years or so here at Motoveloce we have been assisting clients with importing cars and motorbikes from Italy, our family connections in Milan work with us to source and purchase the vehicles and administer the export documentation (plate transfer and passaggio) on our behalf while here in the UK we manage the transportation, import and registration processes.

Our 20 years experience means that we can offer an extremely efficient and low-cost service to anyone wishing to bring a vehicle into the UK from Italy. So what exactly are we offering? Well Italy is a veritable feast of exquisitely beautiful and exotic machinery, much of which is very rarely available here in the UK. We would like to present you with an opportunity to gain access to some potentially extremely attractive investments, either as long-term holdings or to turn over quickly as a means to generate a little extra income. And it's tax free!

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